Event CAD

What are CAD drawings?

Computer Aided Design is a process which designers use computers to create prototypes, models and ideas. It was initially developed to aid designers with their technical drawing and drafting.  It has now expanded and can be used for a number of possibilities. The process is versatile and can be targeted to specific industries.

What are benefits of CAD?

Drafting and technical drawings can take an extreme amount of time, effort and skill. Using CAD for drafting still requires the same amount of skills but rather than working on paper, designers can be way more productive. Concepts and ideas can be played around with ease, allowing design elements to be changed through software programs. This helps to decide whether a design is viable.There are two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) drawings that can be created. 2D is expressed in length and height on flat plans and have no depth. The added advantage of (3D) CAD drawings are objects have depth and therefore give a clearer indication of what the design will look like. Both options allow for endless alterations and variations to designs at the click of a button.

How can CAD be used for events?

It is a great way to plan and organise all the possibilities of how an event will potentially look. Deciding on the placing of elements such as staging, dance floors, bars, furniture and decorations with the added benefit of moving and playing around with the design, ensures that you are able to generate a configuration which eliminates guess work.

The amount of time saved by using a CAD system translates into savings and stress. We use CAD for all types of events such as Birthday partys, Weddings and Festivals . Let us create the way you envisage your event to be by designing your event by CAD drawings. They will be emailed and the details discussed.  If required all revisions and updates can be made until you are completely satisfied.