The Benefits of Marquees hire

The Benefits of Marquees over Hotels or Country House Hire.

Need a venue for a business or family event? Whether for weddings, parties or other special occasions, marquee hire offers flexibility and a great opportunity to extend hospitality to your guests, family and friends.

Marquees offer many advantages over other venue choices such as hotels or your own home. The most significant advantage is that of location.

Choose your location when you hire a marquee

By hiring a marquee, you are free to choose any location for your wedding, ball or party. You are not restricted to the location of a hotel or country house, but, provided all the relevant permissions are granted, you can choose to hold your event in a field or village green or your own home or office grounds. For corporate hospitality, hiring a marquee gives you a significant presence at prestigious sporting and cultural events.

Marquee hire does not restrict you to a certain number of people

Because marquees are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, customers can invite any number of people to an event. Marquee hire firms build marquees to fit the number of guests. This is not the case with country houses, hotels or your own home where the four walls of a room or suite of rooms, pre-determines the number of guests you can invite.

Marquee hire allows complete control over the design of your event

When you plan a special event, you want the atmosphere to be just right. Marquees are eminently flexible, allowing for any colour scheme or design you choose. This is not always the case with country house hire or hotels where there are often restrictions as to what you can do with the space available.

Marquee hire specialists can supply a complete solution

When you plan an event, you usually have to hire a venue, then hire in florists, lighting designers, caterers, entertainment etc. Specialist marquee companies supply a complete solution including design, dance floors and staging, lighting and furniture. Some provide entertainment, caterers and florists or recommend companies that they work with regularly, leaving you free to enjoy your event.

So, why limit yourself to the local hotel for your great event? Take the hassle out of the planning. Hire a marquee, in the location of your choice, for the number of guests you would like to invite and enjoy it!

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