Keep Your Guests Warm In Your Winter Marquee


If you’re holding an event during winter or autumn, the cooler weather doesn’t mean that you can’t still hold it outside. A marquee provides the perfect cover from the elements and extends an indoor space to allow for more guests, and with some careful planning, your guests can be just as comfortable as at any party held inside.


Wet feet lead to feeling cold all over if the weather isn’t so good. Keep your guests feet dry – and clean – by laying some flooring down on top of the grass.

What kind of flooring you choose depends entirely on the type of event you are hosting in your marquee. If you are hosting an event where appearance is everything, like a wedding, then you might consider a hard wood floor, or a carpet to match your theme. Hard floors or staging areas also make good dance floors. If you’re holding a relaxed event, then simple coconut matting might suffice.


The obvious way to warm your marquee in the winter is by ensuring that there is a heating system. To make this work, you will need to carefully plan where the energy will come from – you can’t just run an ordinary cable from any mains socket to any ordinary heater! Many standard heaters won’t be safe for use in a marquee or could cause injury in a crowded space, so you’ll need to consider using generators. You’ll also need a quality weatherproof marquee that will keep the warmth in and keep your electric bills down.


Create an Atmosphere

Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion when it comes to keeping your guest warm. If the lighting and decorations inside the marquee are cool coloured then it’s likely your guests won’t feel as though they’ve come in out of the cold. Choose warm coloured lighting and comfortable seating to give them a feeling of homely warmth.


If your marquee is close to a main building, a walkway can be planned to ensure that nobody has to go outside if it’s raining. This will keep everyone dry, as well as giving the potential to create an impressive looking entrance to your event – if you want a red carpet, this is the place to put it!

From planning walkways to recommending suitable flooring, Andrews Marquees can help you plan every detail of your marquee to make your winter event a success. We’re used to creating event space in any and all weather, so if you’re looking into marquee hire in Somerset or the South West then give us a call on01275 545199 and start planning your party.