How to plan the layout of your marquee

Once you’ve decided to host your event in a marquee, have found a location to erect it, and hired the marquee itself, the next step is thinking about the design and layout of the interior. We’ve compiled some handy tips for those planning the layout of their hire marquee, so whether a wedding or a corporate event, here’s our best advice.

Remember measurements


Photo by jkfid/ CC BY

When you’re picking the furniture and decorations for your marquee, make sure you remember exactly how much space you actually have to work with. When booking entertainment and other items you’ll use during your event, have the measurements to hand during phone calls and specify them in emails so that you avoid hiring items that are too large for the space you have.

Think about Power

Despite hosting an event outdoors, it’s likely that your marquee will need some electricity to power lights, music systems, and even electronic tills. When planning the layout of your marquee, remember to design it so that there is plenty of access to electrical outlets, and don’t forget to organise a generator if necessary.

Write a List

As your marquee layout is likely to be unique to your event, then it is a good idea to write down exactly what it needs. Start with the basic necessities, like tables and chairs, bars, DJs area and dance floor, and then list non-essentials like decorative features afterwards. This will help you prioritise should you find that there is not enough room.

Use our CAD service


We offer a CAD service that can help you organise the layout and visualise the way your marquee is going to look. This can help you perfect the smaller details and make sure that all guests have seats and that tables are evenly spaced.

For more information about our CAD design service for our marquees, or to organise your marquee hire for Bristol and other locations in the south west, call the team at Andrews Marquees on01275 545199.