Bad Weather? Waterproof Your Marquee!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about events being cancelled because of bad weather. Heavy rain can certainly put a dampener on festivals and celebrations, but a bit of forward planning can help to keep rain and mud at bay.

Marquees are a great way to provide shelter for festivalgoers or party guests. If you’re fortunate enough to have fine weather, side panels can usually be opened to let in a breeze and the sounds of summer. However, because marquees are waterproof, they can also stand up to a fair bit of precipitation.


Prevent Waterlogging

Some events organisers are reluctant to use marquees because they are afraid they will become waterlogged; defeating the purpose of providing shelter for guests. But waterlogging should not occur providing the marquee is suitable for the chosen site and is erected by professionals.

For those that are concerned about leakage or waterlogging, it may be advisable to use a raised, boarded floor. This has three major benefits. First, it protects the bottom of the marquee if ground water starts to build up and grass becomes boggy. Second, it provides insulation from the cold, which could be beneficial even at a summer event in the UK. Third, it can help to protect the grass from damage while the marquee is in position.

Raised Boards

These raised boards can be left uncovered for a rustic feel or decorated with luxury carpet for more elegant occasions. Plastic flooring can be used to provide an easy-clean finish, or wooden panels can be used to give the impression of a grand dining hall for seated events. Different flooring can even be used for different areas of the marquee, for example in the bar area or on the dance floor.

If you are thinking of hiring a marquee but have concerns about waterlogging, give one of the experts at Andrews Marquees a call today and ensure your event is waterproof.