A Guide to Decorating your Christmas Market Marquee

Those holding a festive marquee market this year will want to create that special environment that is filled with Christmas wonder. Using festive decorations can give your Christmas marquee market the charm it needs for the ultimate festive atmosphere and helps to boost those all-important Yuletide sales.

If you’re organising a Christmas marquee market, then take a look at our advice for how to organise decorating the space.


Photo by Ian Wilson / CC BY

When choosing decorations, consider your floor plan

While you want people to be amazed and inspired by your Christmas decorations, you don’t want any of your stalls to be blocked by them, or for them to detract from what’s on sale. Consider having a number of large decorations at the entrance of your marquee as it is better than having them take up a lot of room inside.

How will stall holders decorate their spaces?

If your Christmas market is going to consist of a collective of independent stalls, then consider how they will be decorating their spaces. If the decorations clash, then it could be off-putting to your customers and reduce the amount of purchases they make. It may be a good idea to provide stall decorations, and inform traders of this, to avoid clashing decorations.


Photo by Joe Buckingham / CC BY

Aim for Traditional, yet Stylish

A festive market is a staple in our preparation for Christmas day. Generate feelings of nostalgia and encourage that jolly atmosphere by decorating your marquee in a traditional, yet stylish way. Rather than overwhelm by adding a large number of decorations, or adding a unique twist on Christmas, aim for creating an environment that makes shoppers feel comfortable.

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