Using a Marquee to Set Up a Pop-Up Shop

A pop-up or temporary shop is an exciting idea that is an effective way of attracting customers to make purchases from your business. Whether you are setting up away from your existing location, or are testing the waters to see whether you want to make the transition from online selling to operating from a physical retail location. Pop-up shops are usually located in disused shop fronts, but another way of setting up a pop-up shop and getting your brand name known is by setting up a marquee.

Using a marquee for your pop-up shop has many benefits including the following:


1.    Provides your shoppers with somewhere dry to browse. If you’ve simply set up a market stall with no protective covering, then you’re less likely to see customers stick around to browse in cold or wet weather. Providing some shelter from the elements means shoppers are much more likely to make purchases from you rather than dash into the next high street chain.

2.    Allows you to target an audience.Being able to decide where you want to set up your pop-up marquee shop means that you can target your audience with ease. Picking a large area that has regular foot traffic means that you are in a prime location for boosting sales. Though this can be achievable through renting an empty retail space, you are restricted by the vacant places that are available to rent.



Photo by John Candy / CC BY

3.    Can easily relocate. You have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of locations if you choose to use a marquee as a pop-up shop. Being able to occasionally move your store means that your businesses can partake in special events such as festivals and markets, and even move from city to city. For instance, if your pop-up has successfully created a buzz in Bristol, then it may be time to take it someplace new and set up your marquee in Bath to attract local shoppers there.
For more information and advice about setting up a pop-up shop for your business, check out this handy piece from The Guardian.
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