Exhibiting at the 2012 showman show

This year’s Showman Show promises to be a belter. Exhibitors will include Sunbaba, who will be celebrating 25 years in business, Tony James’ traditional Punch and Judy Show, Igloos showing off its luxury loos, Eve Trakway, Fiesta Furniture and many others. Brand new exhibits include festival accommodation from Suitehuts and motorbike stunts performed by the Inch Perfect Trials Display team.


Choose Your Marquee

If you’re planning on joining these show participants, make sure that you are in a position to face the competition and impress your guests. A super-modern marquee could do just that, particularly if you are at the cutting edge of the leisure market and are eager to showcase your very latest innovations. Click here to find out about hiring a marquee from us.

As the Newbury Showground event takes place in October (17-18), you’ll need a structure that is resilient and highly weatherproof. It may be a show about the great outdoors, but if the rain comes down people will be running for cover – so make sure they are running in the right direction and are able to access your site quickly and easily.

Stand Out

You will also want a marquee that stands out from the crowd and reflects your brand at its very best. At Andrews Marquees we can help to match colour schemes to your logos and products and to provide furnishings and lighting that really paint them in a great light.

Green Credentials

A major theme at this year’s Showman’s Show is environmental preservation, and The Green Festival Alliance will host the first ever Green Innovations Zone at the event. If this theme resonates with you, we can look into ways of making your marquee as eco-friendly as possible so that your green products are supported from the ground up.

This may mean tweaking several aspects of your marquee set up, for example energy supply, water usage, waste management and the materials used to decorate your structure. That way your brand ethos will be reflected throughout your display.

We can help you to make the Showman’s Show a real success for your business. Make sure your marquee at your next show is a green, pristine, eco-friendly machine by contacting Andrews Marquees on 01275 545199.