Weatherproof your festival marquee

If you are thinking of hiring a festival marquee, it’s important that you consider every eventuality; taking health and safety and your visitors’ comfort into account as well as ensuring that the venue looks attractive.

Weather conditions can play a major part in the success of your stand. Although you are probably hoping for a dry, sunny day, there are no guarantees. If your marquee provides shelter when wet weather strikes, you may find that the number of visitors to your venue increases rapidly.

Wet Weather

An entrance porch looks impressive and provides cover during wet weather, and walkways can be used to join the marquee to a building or another site so visitors stay dry throughout. Floor linings can be added to prevent the build-up of boggy ground in and around your marquee.

Food Hygiene

The weather can also affect the effectiveness of your marquee if you are thinking of serving food. Many UK festivals run for several days on isolated sites with primitive sanitary facilities and limited mains services. So if it is hot, conditions can be dusty and humid, and if it is wet the whole site can become a mud bath.

It is essential that you maintain top hygiene standards regardless of the weather. If food inspectors visit your stall and find that this is not the case, they will shut you down and possibly prosecute you.

All food preparation and food storage areas must be protected from wind, rain and direct sunlight, and the marquee you choose should be weather and fireproof. If food is being prepared next to your marquee walls, they should be lined with a non-absorbent, washable material so that they are easy to clean.

Cleaning Areas

The floor areas around sinks, food preparation and cooking areas should be level, clean, non-slip and washable. Washable floor coverings may be needed if it’s wet outside, and these must be carefully tethered to the ground before anything is stored inside the marquee to avoid slips and trips. It may be worth a raised floor area for food preparation if you are concerned about bad weather.

If your washing up facilities are outside the main marquee, they need to be protected from adverse weather conditions – for the benefit of your staff and your equipment. Adequate flooring should be installed to prevent mud from being taken back inside the food preparation area.

Andrews Marquees can advise you on the best ways to keep your site perfectly weatherproof, clean, dry and safe for the benefit of your staff and your customers.