Attracting customers to your festival marquee

Perhaps you are hiring a marquee for an upcoming festival and want to make sure plenty of people stop by. Whether it’s a music, religious, food, beer or other type of festival, it’s important that you know who your prospective customers are and have something special to tempt them with.

1. On display. Make sure your product is well displayed so that people know exactly what’s on offer and how much it costs. The more attractive it looks the more people are likely to stop by and take a closer look. Some marquees offer clear panels so that it is easier to see inside as passersby by do just that.

2. Offer shelter. British weather is unpredictable to say the least, but it’s fairly safe to say that festivalgoers will need to be protected from wind, rain and possibly even some elusive sunshine at some point in the day. Make sure there is space in your marquee for visitors to browse your wares and even to take a seat to enjoy them if you are offering food or refreshments.

3. Optimal location. Choosing a spot near the entrance to the festival or right in the centre might be a good tactic for attracting passing trade. It may even be worth setting up near a block of portable toilets (although perhaps not too near!) as people will certainly notice your marquee as they wait in line.

4. Opt for entertainment. Depending on the size of your marquee, it may be worth thinking about entertainment options. Having a jazz band, poetry reading, acrobat or stand-up comedian in your tent could really help to draw a crowd. Just make sure visitors stick around long enough to buy whatever you’re selling!

5. Operation marketing. If you have the time and budget to do so, print off some flyers advertising your products or services and hand them out if business starts to slow down at any point. If you include a special offer or some sort of freebie, festivalgoers will go out of their way to find your marquee.

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