How to create a pop-up music venue

Outdoor music venues are always successful in Bristol during the summer. The few that are already organised include the Bristol Harbour Festival and Tokyo World which have been proven to be massive successes, year after year. This summer, why don’t you organise your own pop-up music venue and create a festival day out.



The right location is really important for a successful music venue. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible so there will be no trouble for people in the area to attend yet large enough for a big group of people. When seeking the perfect location, make sure you ask for the correct permissions to use the location, whether that be from the council or a private owner.

Health and Safety

Once you’ve established venue location, you need to show you’ve considered the health and safety of the event. You’ll need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice with your local council which will allow you to serve alcohol and provide entertainment legally. Your application will be assessed by Environmental Health and the police before being accepted to ensure your event is safe for the general public.


Music acts

No music venue would be complete without some bands or artists to perform. If you’re organising this locally, why not advertise for local bands to get involved? If you’re after a more high profile event, you could get in touch with record labels and artists that may be interested in attending.

DJ booth or stage

Once you have booked the artists, DJs or bands that are going to perform, you can organise the appropriate staging. Bands may prefer a larger stage area to establish a stage presence whereas a small DJ booth may suffice for some acts. Lights around the stage area would suit a late-night music venue however if your musical event is only running during the day, they might not be necessary.


Food and drink

You’ll need to get a bar area and food stalls for a complete venue. Make sure you’ve obtained an alcohol licence before you stock up on alcohol to serve to attendees. Local food stalls and vendors are sure to enjoy getting involved so advertise well locally.


To run the bars, you’ll need some staff. If you’re on a budget, look on websites such as Volunteer Bristol for volunteers at your event and be sure to get friends and family involved too.

Event Furniture

For the final touches at your pop-up music venue, you’ll need to provide some shelter and seating for attendees. Festival marquees are great for events like this, providing shelter for any temperamental weather conditions and shaded seating.

Andrews Marquees has a huge range of event furniture in Bristol including small marquees and seating. If you’d like some help with organising your pop-up music venue, get in touch! You can call us on 0791 874 3546 or contact us online.