Theme ideas for Decorating your Marquee

Those who have opted for a marquee may find it difficult to think of ways to decorate the space, or even what celebratory theme to choose. Create the wrong environment and your guests will be counting down the time until they can go home to bed, but create a brilliant atmosphere and your event will be the talk of the town for months to come.

There are a wealth of design ideas and decorative options available for marquees, so to get you inspired, we’ve compiled a selection of creative and stylish marquee decoration themes.
Ice Kingdom


Photo by Heidi / CC BY

Make the most of your white marquee by creating an ice kingdom. Use special effects lighting to create an icy dance floor filled with snowflakes or stars, and don’t be afraid to consider quirkier, more playful decorations. A single old fashioned lamp post positioned by the entrance of the marquee will transport guests into Narnia, or simply dot some snowmen around your marquee to create a fun, childlike atmosphere.

Lay tables with white cloths, or use pale blues and lilacs if wanting to add some subtle hints of colour. Don’t be afraid to include a couple of richer hues to prevent things from getting a little too cold.
Autumn Glow


Photo by Scott Robinson/ CC BY

Inject your marquee with intense colours by going for an autumnal theme. Use browns, reds, oranges, and yellows to show the best shades of the changing season. Fake autumn trees and bushes make great large decorative additions to a marquee, as does using wooden benches and garden furniture for seating.

Use yellow lights, rather than bright whites, to add a dim warm glow to your party, but don’t turn them down too low- you don’t want people to hibernate! Decorate tables with leaves, and even add some autumn cuddly critters, such as hedgehogs or foxes. Using cuddly toys to decorate works especially well if you’ve got a number of children attending your event.
Travel the World


Photo by Mark Doliner/ CC BY

The world is your oyster when it comes to creating a global theme for your marquee. Use cartography to decorate the tables and give each one a theme of a country from around the world. Top tables with iconic buildings from specific countries, for example, the Italy table could have a Leaning Tower in the centre.

Use plenty of coloured lighting to reflect the vibrant culture of all the different countries, and even try to source some flags to hang from the ceiling and walls.

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