Planning Summer Corporate Award Ceremonies

Whether celebrating the work of individuals within one company, or rewarding the stand-out contributions of people or organisations across a wider industry, a corporate awards evening is a great way of recognising hard work. We’ve compiled some tips to help you start planning your event.


Get Outside With a Marquee

Unlike your Christmas celebrations, holding this event outside is a great opportunity to get everyone out of the office and take advantage of the warm summer months. If you hire a marquee for the occasion, it’s also easy to represent your company’s personality. Polished, light and neat decorations would suit a law firm or similar professional company, whereas a more creative or informal industry might choose a less formal setting for their celebrations.

‘Reward’ as well as ‘Award’

The idea of a corporate awards evening is not only to celebrate specific achievements, it’s about giving employees a good time in order to reward them for their hard work in the past year, too.

With this in mind, you’ll want to create an enjoyable party atmosphere to give everyone the best time possible. Good mood lighting, music and a dance floor are usually good places to start. Choose your corporate marquee carefully to ensure that these are practically possible – you will need to think about hiring a dance floor and getting power to your marquee, for example.

The Awards

Consider both your budget and the likely mood of the celebrations. Would a bunch of flowers, some chocolate or a jokey medal/trophy go down well? For events with more prestige, a well-designed award such as a glass trophy, plaque etc. might be appropriate. For a formal event with a lower budget a well-designed, framed certificate might be the best option.


Food and Drink

How much and what you provide relies heavily on your budget. If your budget is low, providing a small buffet or simply some ‘nibbles’ is a nice gesture. Corporate dinners are ideal for more formal occasions. If you choose to hold a dinner in your marquee, it’s possible to hire one with partitions so your caterers have a separate area.
Budget and location will dictate whether you provide a free bar, hire bartenders, etc. You should, however, think about these things well in advance to ensure you can balance your budget – crystal award trophies but no food or drink will not make for an enjoyable evening!

If you’re looking into holding a summer corporate awards ceremony, speak to Andrews Marquees about our marquee hire in Somerset and let us help make your event extra special.