Charity fundraising ideas for your summer fete

When organising a summer fete, you need to strike a balance between providing unique entertainment and keeping within your budget to maximise the funds you will raise. Read on for three ideas to get you thinking about low budget activities that can be enjoyed in-or-outdoors.


Photo by Radarsmum67 / CC BY

1: Donkey Derby

Run a race – with pantomime horses! Devise a betting system to attract funds, and ask local businesses to sponsor the ‘donkeys’ in exchange for advertising. Getting business owners or teachers to be the ‘donkeys’ is a great way to entertain the crowd and attract donations. Devise a simple obstacle course to navigate, such as dodging cones or running through tyres. With the addition of obstacles, this race could be moved inside the smaller space of a marquee and still last long enough to provide a spectacle if bad weather strikes.

2: Digital Games – In Real Life

You can get creative with this one to make classic games come to life on a small budget and charge a small fee to play. Ideas could include painting a Pacman-style maze onto a large sheet and devising a game that involves reaching the other end without being caught by a ‘ghost’. Another low-budget idea is to create a Human Fruit Machine – all you’ll need is three bags of plastic fruit and three volunteers to pick them at random and win the spectators prizes for making matches.

3: Games Consoles

Borrow a television and games console and set up a short multiplayer game, such as Mariokart or tennis on a Wii, and charge a small amount to play a round. You can set up a grand tournament with a larger prize on offer at the end of the day or offer small prizes for each winner, depending on your budget. As this involves electrical equipment, it is worth setting this stall up under cover of a marquee to protect from rain or from the glare of the sun on the screen.

Marquee Hire in Bristol

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