Themed Marquee Hire

Using a theme to add ‘wow’ to your event

Themed parties, weddings and corporate events have become increasingly popular in recent years. Perhaps you are a big fan of the James Bond, Harry Potter or Star Wars series and want your special day to reflect that. Or maybe you’re partial to a vintage tea party or a particular football team. All of these elements can be incorporated into your marquee-based meeting or celebration.

Table decorations

If your event is seated, table decorations can make a real difference to the overall appearance of the room. Place cards can be personalised to fit your theme, and props – or favours for a wedding – can be used to full effect. Jordan’s recent Willy Wonka themed wedding could have featured an everlasting gobstopper favour or a chocolate fountain fondue centrepiece, for example.

Room furnishings

Perhaps you are looking for furniture that will fit a particular colour scheme or style. Deep reds and plenty of cushions may be needed for a Moroccan nights theme, while icy whites and crystal ware might be more appropriate for a winter wonderland event. Even the carpet can affect the overall impression, so don’t forget to look down.

Mood lighting

If you’re going for a cabaret-style theme for your event, glitzy lights and disco balls might be just the thing. However, if you’re looking to recreate a Parisian café style setting, soft candlelight might be more appropriate. Just make sure your guests can see if someone gets up to speak or – if it’s that kind of event – to dance the night away!

Costume or clothing

You may not want to turn up to your party looking like Darth Vader or to your business conference looking like Ron Weasley, but your guests need to know well in advance if they are expected to wear some sort of fancy dress. Perhaps you simply want a colour theme where everyone wears a flash of pink or gold. This can then be reflected in the room and will make your guests feel more included in the theme.

If you are hosting an event in the Bristol or Bath area, it is worth contacting Andrews Marquees to find out how to make the most of your theme. The Bristol-based marquee provider will help you to get the right colours, décor and lighting to turn your event into a truly special and memorable one.