Kitting out Your Marquee for Your Winter Wedding

You can’t always be sure of the weather, so a marquee is the natural choice for making use of the outdoor space at your winter wedding venue. Deciding exactly what to put into it is a bit more difficult however, so we’ve compiled some quick tips to get you thinking about which decorations and practical equipment you need for your wedding.



The most important thing when deciding on wedding marquee decorations is to pick a theme or vision of how it will look. Picking a theme isn’t as easy as it sounds with all the choices out there, though – so here are a couple of ideas.

Take advantage of the romantic ideal of winter and keep your decorations icy or winter/Christmas themed. Ice lanterns or sculptures are beautiful and classy additions, and you could consider using fake snow, holly, or fir trees to give the marquee a Christmassy feel. The careful use of soft blue or purple lighting combined with white furniture and decorations is a great way to create a winter wonderland in your marquee, and it won’t matter if it’s raining outside.

If you’re not keen on keeping the theme wintry, then creating a warm and cosy space is a great alternative. Warmer lighting, candles, and soft furniture and fabrics will create a warm looking space that will feel like a wonderful escape from the chill outside. Whichever decorations you choose, you need to think about your overall theme to make sure it all fits together, and hire marquee furniture that reflects or compliments the colours of your wedding.



Remember that your guests will be wearing their best dresses and suits, and this will mean that they’re not likely to have packed their thermals! It’s really important to discuss heating and electrical supply with both the venue and your marquee hire company as, in the interest of safety, any old heaters and extension cords cannot normally be added as an afterthought.

Another consideration is that if the weather is a little wet or icy, then you’ll need adequate hard flooring to protect your guests’ shoes. Considering how to keep your guests warm and comfortable is key to giving everyone a good time.

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