Choosing Outdoor Wedding Lighting

If you’re throwing an outdoor wedding or after-party, the smallest touches can add a lot to the atmosphere. One of the things you should be thinking about is how you’re going to light up your celebrations once the sun goes down. Here are some tips to get you thinking about what kind of lighting might be right for you.


If you’ve gone for a classical look with your furniture and decorations, then chandeliers will add a touch of grandeur to a wedding marquee. There’s something luxurious about a chandelier that will instantly turn your outdoor wedding into an elegant affair.


Candles easily create soft romantic, lighting. They can be uniformly set out on tables for a structured look, or grouped in a mixture of sizes and styles for a rustic effect. They are best combined with a softer electric lighting choice such as uplighters to give a constant light source amongst the flickering. To make them a bit safer, you might want to put candles and tea lights into jars or lanterns. If the marquee is going to be crowded after your guests arrive, you can also use them to line the paths and walkways outside.


Photo by MollaAliod / CC BY

Ice Lanterns

Create a special twinkling effect for winter weddings with DIY ice lanterns. The idea is to fill a cup or bowl with water and before freezing insert a cup that will create a dip in the ice big enough for a small candle or tea light to fit into. Add food colouring, Christmas holly or wedding confetti to the water to add even more wow-factor. They make stunning table decorations, or can be used to line paths outside – especially beautiful if it has snowed – which will also make them last longer.

Fairy Lights

You would need a LOT of fairy lights to light a whole party, but if you’d like to stay subtle they can be a great supplement to other lighting types. Features such as bushes, pillars or the doorways of a marquee can be subtly picked out with pale lights, or if you prefer a more fun feel, use bright, twinkling colours. Consider some battery powered fairy lights for table decorations that won’t trail unsightly wires.

Special Effects Ceilings

Andrews Marquees can provide special effects ceilings that look like twinkling stars. The wow factor of this lighting type makes it a decoration in its own right.

Marquees for Outdoor Weddings

A marquee is a great addition to an outdoor wedding as it gives you somewhere to serve food or shelter from a chilly evening or if the weather lets you down. If you’re looking for wedding marquee hire in Bristol then give us a call on 01275 545199 and we’ll help you start planning your outdoor celebrations.