Combine a marquee with a hotel

Marquees and hotels are made for each other

Still not decided on the venue yet? Can’t decide if you want a marquee or a hotel? Why not consider combining the two? The facilities of a hotel with the versatility of a marquee. This ideal arrangement suits a variety of events from weddings to corporate meets.

Benefits of marquees

Firstly, marquees are flexible and can be placed almost anywhere. The design of the marquee can be personalised to suit the event and number of people. Pre-formatted themes are also available in differing shapes and sizes. When you are restricted by venue size, you have to make adjustments to your planning and designing to suit the allotted space, but with a marquee, you have a freedom to plan that no indoor venue can match, as you choose the marquee to suit your needs.

Businesses can place advertisements or make the marquee branded to suit their identity. The windows, flooring, linings, platforms, lighting systems can be customised to create exactly the right interior design and atmosphere for your event.

Instead of a confined hall, you are part of the great outdoors. The venue is not contained within the marquee walls, unless you want it to be, of course. You can even incorporate the garden or shrubs, within the marquee. Suppose the weather does turn bad, you could make quick changes to the door and marquee wall panels to retain the ambience.

Unlike traditional marquees, the ‘new age’ ones do not have poles in the middle and are supported by aluminium frames. This gives extra wiggle room for the dance floor or for arranging the buffet counter as well as allowing unrestricted seating plans.

Marquees are often a preferred option over homes where the space is restrictive with the possibility of damage to interiors, household appliances and theft. Besides, the cleaning up afterwards is no fun either. With a marquee, you decide when the party stops and the bar closes, because it’s your venue.

‘Best of both worlds’

Setting up a marquee beside a hotel offers the advantages and flexibility of a marquee combined with the many services of a hotel. Hotels can take care of the catering, their staff can help with extra furniture, decoration and flower arrangements. As you cannot be personally available everywhere, the hotel staff can also help with receiving and attending to the guests.

Parking and security services are available within hotel premises, as well as amenable toilets and dress changing rooms. One of the biggest benefits is the accommodation for guests who have travelled from afar. They will be grateful for this wonderful convenience.

If you are a hotel owner or manager, you are able to offer more space with the addition of a marquee. You can dramatically reduce the potential wear and tear on your property and, if you have a listed property, a marquee will allow guests to decorate in a manner that suits them and which won’t affect the fabric of your building.

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