Five Ideas for Wedding Favours for your Marquee

Wedding favours may seem insignificant – an afterthought, almost – but get them right and your guests will remember them for years to come. The most memorable wedding favours aren’t necessarily the priciest ones. Sometimes a small, homemade item makes for the perfect gift. The key is to pick something quirky and memorable, and something that hopefully adds a personal flavour.

So throw away the sugared almonds and check out our top-five ideas:

1. Triumphant tashes. Edible moustaches make a perfect favour, because they are fun to open and will act as an icebreaker for those around the table that don’t know each other. They will also prompt excellent photos that you can add to your amateur wedding album. You can buy these from cake shops or make your own using chocolate.

2. It’s a cracker! If you’re having a winter wedding or just love Christmas, a cracker or miniature stocking will provide a festive and fun favour. Stuff with a pair of woolly gloves or socks to create the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Get yourself out of a jam. Homemade mini jams make really special gifts. You can make one large batch or a range of flavours if you’re feeling adventurous. Decorate the label with your initials and the wedding date, and hey presto! If you’re super busy, you could fill the jar with retro sweets instead.

4. Get the bubbles flowing. Bubbles are a favourite with most children and provide a bit of free entertainment and temporary decoration for your wedding marquee or hall. Again, make these really personal with labels that relate to your big day.

5. Back in the game. Move away from edible favours altogether by introducing a fun puzzle or game to intrigue your guests before the food arrives. Buy from your favourite toy shop or even make up your own quiz comprising facts about the bride, groom and other guests. Don’t forget to provide personalised pencils!

Wedding favours should be aesthetically pleasing as well as keeping your guests engaged and adding that little extra sparkle to your wedding. If you are hiring a marquee for your wedding, find out whether the hire company can match the theme of your favours with the table decorations and other adornments to provide that extra wow factor.

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