Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Flowers are often looked upon as an afterthought when it comes to wedding planning, however getting the right floral foundation can make a huge difference to the overall look of your wedding. Whether you are decorating a church, registry office, reception venue, home or marquee, choosing the right flowers will see determine whether you come up smelling of roses!

Seasonal flower arrangements

It’s great to use seasonal (and locally sourced) flowers to decorate your wedding venue. Tulips and sunflowers might work well for January weddings, while Michaelmas daisies and marigolds could prove attractive options for July weddings. Then of course, there are the ever popular roses and lilies that provide a multitude of different colours to choose from to match any colour themes you may have.

Beautiful flowers can be sourced all year round and choosing your favourite flowers from the off could even help you to decide on the overall colour theme for your big day. Meet up with a florist or two well in advance of your wedding to ensure that your dream flower arrangements can become a reality.

Big hall and church flower arrangements

If you’re getting married in a large hall or church, you will need some large flower arrangements to fill the space and make an impact. Small, dainty bouquets will be swamped in such a large area, while a few carefully placed large flower arrangements will really gild the lily. Position them so that the eye is naturally drawn towards the focal point of the ceremony so that they provide the perfect frame for the main event in every photograph. Popular positions for stands of flowers include the church or hall entrance, to one side of the area where the priest or family member will speak to the congregation or audience, on the altar or on window ledges. In churches, a dramatic effect can be created by adding archways of flowers down the aisle, or a more subtle effect with “nosegays” at the end of each pew.

Churches often have flower arrangers who may be able to help you plan arrangements for your day at a more reasonable rate than a professional florist or arrange a date to visit the church or hall with your chosen florist to discuss possible arrangements.

Table top flower arrangements
13__320x240_wedding-marquee-flowers-745 When it comes to decorating tables in a reception hall or wedding marquee, attention to detail is key. Here, small can be more beautiful, but this means it is even more important to choose carefully. Try taking one of the main flowers from the bride’s bouquet or the groom’s buttonhole and building a simple arrangement based on this. You can always add larger arrangements at each end of the top table or at the marquee entrance for that extra wow factor.

If you are planning to hire a wedding marquee, look no further. Andrews Marquees is an expert in this field and will be able to advise you on everything from fittings and furniture to flower arrangements. Call 01275 545199 for further information and to get a quote or contact us by email or our contact form.