Assessing the suitability of your marquee site

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hiring a marquee is whether the site is suitable. Maybe you want to place your marquee in your garden, but it’s on a slope, or on the village green, which has uneven ground or trees on it. Or maybe the soil tends to get a little boggy in wet weather…


The first task is to consider how many guests you want to invite and what facilities you need. Once you’ve done this, we can help you decide on the size and shape of your structure. The next step is to measure the area you are hoping to use as a venue. People are often surprised how much space they have and the size of the marquee they are able to fit in.

Sloping Sites

If your site has a slight slope it shouldn’t pose a great problem; however a pronounced slope may cause problems, particularly if you are hosting a seated event. Blocks with adjustable legs can be used to level out the ground, but these may add to the cost of hiring.

Under-floor scaffolding is another option if you are dealing with a significant slope, although this can be more expensive again and may require a permit. Bristol-based Andrews Marquees will be able to advise you on these options if you need further information.

Trees and Soil

Trees and shrubs can cause problems depending on their positioning and how many there are. Any good hire company will be able to help you to incorporate plants and trees into your site design. Trees can also be adorned with lights and decorations to fit your chosen colour or design scheme.

Another popular question relates to ground soil conditions. As rain is a regular occurrence in the UK, this needs to be taken into account. It is possible that heavy rain may leave the ground waterlogged if soil drainage isn’t good. The danger here is that water can seep into the marquee.

Flooring Concerns

If you are holding your event during the winter or are concerned about drainage problems, it may be worth incorporating a hard floor covered in carpet rather than leaving the grass exposed or adding a lighter summer floor lining or matting. Read about our winter weather marquee arrangements here.

A hard floor will help to prevent muddy patches from appearing and can also make the ground feel smoother if there are any uneven spots. However, hard flooring can also increase the overall cost of hiring your marquee.

The other major consideration when assessing whether your chosen site is suitable site is ease of access to the area and the available power supply. Andrews Marquees offers free, no-obligation advice on choosing the right site for your marquee, so give one of our experts a call today for site suitability.